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Marietta-Acworth, GA
Q: What is Young Chefs Academy, Marietta's Current Class Schedule?
A: Our current schedule is reflective of both our Jr. and Sr. Chefs Classes, and is as followed:
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays
We do require 48 hour advanced notice to register your child.

Q: What Recipes will my child be making?
A: During our School Year Calendar, our Themes change MONTHLY,
and then our recipes change weekly, accordingly to theme. During the
Summer Season, our Themes change Weekly, and then our recipes interchange
according to the week's theme, as well. We do not disclose recipes ahead of time;
as it is part of the children's learning instruction. It is important to know, in a single
class instruction we are making 2-4 recipes, at a time. They will be able to "Taste"
EVERYTHING they "Create."

Q: What is the difference between Jr. Chef's vs. Sr. Chefs vs. Kindercoooks?
A: Kinder Cooks-3 years-5 years
    Jr. Chefs-6years-11 years
    Sr. Chefs-12years-18 years
We group our children according to their age group, at any experience level. All of
our class schedules are reflective of all the age groups we accommodate?

Q: How does Young Chefs Academy deal with food allergies?
A: We treat food allergies VERY seriously here at YCA, Marietta. When your
child is added as our client, their profile is notated accordingly, if they do have a food
allergy. If they are able to physically be around that portion of the recipe, they can
still participate in the preparation of that particular recipe; they just would not taste.
If they are unable to physically be around their allergen, we would remove them from
participating in that portion of the recipe. But NO WORRIES, AGAIN we are making
2-4 recipes for class, so they will not be left out! We also encourage parents, if your
child carries an EpiPen do leave it with us while they are in class.

Q: How do I register for a class, or camp?
A: You can register for a class online, or give us a call. We do require 48 hour adv.
notice to register. To register for one of our camps, you can register for a HALF Day
Sesaion, online, with ease. We do ask that you give us a call to register for you FULL
Day Session.

Q: I think my chils is a picky eater; how will that effect their class?
A: Barely; if at all! We find that our business model encourages children expanding
their pallets, as we partake in domestic and international food culture from all over
the world. We find that when children are involved in the preparation of their meals'
they are more apt to eat what they made, as they feel they had something to do
with the recipes. And let's face it, in the "Real" world, "Real" chefs, TASTE EVERYTHING
that they MAKE; so we encourage our Young Chefs to do the same?

Field Trips

Let Young Chefs Academy create a truly unique culinary experience for your school, day care or organization.  Our field trips can be customized to fulfill your needs, whether you want to focus on math skills, science, team building or more; however, rest assured all field trips will include an interactive culinary experience culminating in a tasty finish!