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Marietta-Acworth, GA

Field Trips

Let Young Chefs Academy create a truly unique culinary experience for your class/school, daycare, or organization.  Our field trips can be customized to fulfill your needs, whether you want to focus on math skills, science, team building or more; however, rest assured all field trips will include an interactive culinary experience culminating in a tasty finish!


Young Chefs Academy Field Trips

Field trips at Young Chefs Academy bring a world of learning through cooking.  We include many of your favorite subjects including:

MATH - Fractions, measurements and estimations are among many areas covered during a “Cheesy Breadstick” lesson!

SCIENCE - The Scientific Method and even space are explored with recipes such as “Irish Soda Bread,” and “Easy Apple Crunch"!

HEALTH - All of our classes reinforce kitchen safety, use Nutrition Facts, and teach kitchen tools guidelines and cleanliness. Our “Cinnamon Pretzel” recipe offers up all of these elements!

READING/LANGUAGE ARTS - Skills such as reading, comprehension, and following directions are built into all recipes.

SOCIAL STUDIES - Various cultures, geography, and customs are among the items to be discovered as students cook recipes from all around the world!

HISTORY - We explore different cultures and themes all over the world, how our recipes relate to the past, present and future!

Call to schedule your class or group for a Field Trip TODAY!!